Posted by: Sreejith | September 20, 2007


A couple of days back I went to this mall to pick up a few glasses (the huge beer ones). One of them really caught my eye and i picked it up. But it was way too expensive so i placed it back on the edge of the rack. As luck would have it, my foot struck the rack and the glass started tumbling down. I lunged at it to prevent the fall and by sheer luck managed to catch it by the price tag that was attached to it. After the instant ‘phew’, i realized…

That was a ‘priced catch’!! 😛



  1. *Noted a Reminder*
    * 5 Extra kicks for Sreejith tomorrow night for his birthday bumps for this stupid pun*

  2. aaaahhhh! my eyes are hurt ! that was a painful one …
    @utkarsh : pls give few more extras for the poor souls from hyd.

  3. utkarsh, bumps += 20 ..

    and Sreejith, that was better then some of your recent ones 🙂

  4. gg !!

  5. 😛

  6. somebody’s getting ‘some’ tonight for their b’day 😀

  7. Birthday?
    Oh, happy happy day be yours then. And night too.

  8. dude u gonna keep this on or do i have to shout bloody murder ??
    PS: there’s no catch here 😀

  9. Painful.

  10. Priceless!

  11. Utkarsh, chal chal…i am not afraid of u 😦

    Parry, ihihihi… eyes only? what about the mind that processed it 😀

    Kunal, baseless incrementing of counter!! I wonder if better is the equivalent of worse while rating the poorness of puns…

    Pati, ty hf! what bull… 😀

    Rama, back to familiar grounds i see

    Tipo, lol… on second thoughts 😦 *scared*

    S’Monkey, Thank ye!!

    Nippo, not to worry. end’s near… very near.

    AP, painful is priceless? masochist!

  12. Hey Sreejith,

    stumbled upon ur blog through some hyperlinks of hyperlinks of hyperlinks.. 🙂

    I specially liked ur posts under the label Puns…


  13. Anantha, thanks mate!

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