Posted by: Sreejith | September 21, 2007

Train of thought

I’ve always liked looking at life as a train journey. Come to think of it…

There are lots of people getting on the train with us but everyone is getting off at different places.
We may all be living together but all of us have different destinations in life. Our aspirations and desires are what determines where we want to get off.

At every station, some people get off our train and some come aboard.
You have different phases in life. In every phase you meet new people while you lose touch with others. The ones you lose touch with shall be in your memories but not in your life. The ones in your life are the ones who make the journey eventful.

The view from the window is the same for everyone but then the interpretations of each are different.
We all live in the same time and environment. The surroundings and the events around us are the same but our perceptions and points of view are all different.

The trains chugs along through tunnels, hills, valleys, lakes, deserts, plains – the works.
Life is not always the same. We have periods of depression – of darkness. Of exuberance and joy. Of being hopelessly lost. Of stillness.

But as they say, the problem with all good things is that they have to come to an end. And at some point your station does come.



  1. err .. all i wud say is .. read my old post 😛

  2. just when i thought i should spare you of the kicks ..
    hmm .. you have yourself to blame for what you are about to face tonight 😛
    *Another Reminder*
    * + 5 from Kunal + 10 from parry .. hmm .. should delegate some kicks to imran*

  3. i am dying of thought poisoning

  4. wow well said man! Interesting interpretation, never saw it that way but many truths in it 🙂

  5. i guess too much train travel does that to u.. 😀 Though i guess its more like ticketless travel…unlike otherwise where u have a seat ud need to struggle to make a place for urself 😉

  6. Sweet !!

    but not really cheerful 😦

    Music : Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

  7. Aah ! The trainSIGHT post in the INsight category

  8. nice…..wht abt tht ticketless guy near the bathroom ? I guess the ticket collector is religion ,to decide who gets to the station and who doesnt…and wht abt the chai vallas and the vada guys- angels….hehe , this is a cool post and u hve got my stupid brain all worked up again…shit

  9. Lolz. But which train? Rajdhani express or Nagpur Passenger .. lotsa difference between these two.. and like.. are u too much into travelling by trains these days ? 😛

  10. I like the analogy. Nice.

    By the way, Happy Birthday, right?
    Happy Birthday to you
    You’re a hundred and two
    You live in London Zoo
    Happy Birthday to you. 🙂

    I sang this to my friend yesterday, and she says ‘no treat’. 😦

  11. Why don’t you start writing poetry?

  12. 😐 , are you trying to say that train delays are good ??

  13. Rama, interesting.. very interesting 🙂

    Utkarsh, Nov 12th….. counting.

    Obelix, mind it! 😀

    Moondai, thanks. life is the teacher of philosophy.

    Di, the reserved ones are akin to ones born with silver spoons. Many an ordinary person has to put up hazaar fight to get on the train 🙂

    Pati, what a coincidence.. i suggested that song to a lot of people a few months back 🙂 Did Vidit tell you about it?

    Abbulu, its all part of a trainsition 😉

    Tys, freeloaders in life who live off others kindness! Chai vallas to me are the source of entertainment… probably our favourite movie stars 😀

    Life&Such, i can’t even remember my last train journey! btw some people prefer the slow pace of life like the passenger while some rush through it like the rajdhani. What is important to you? getting to the destination quicker or the journey? thought provoking…

    AP, thanks! and thats brilliant! weirdo you to make that up and weirder me to like it! Btw whats with the docs and treats. don’t you have enough patients to ‘treat’? 😀 I owe you one though.

    Aniket, The earliest posts on this blog were all attempts… but frankly, poetry is much more draining.. getting the metre and the right words is not always easy.

    Tipo, donno about trains but de lays are good na 😛

  14. loved tha analogy man..that was written quite simply and yet deep..maybe u should write like this more often..

  15. Mathew, thank ye…but it ain’t rocket science 🙂

  16. Awesome 🙂

    And belated Bday wishes 🙂

  17. do not get derailed dude 🙂 enjoy the journey, you just passed another milestone…

  18. I liked the thought about the view from the window the best. Good post!

  19. Vignesh, thanks dude!

    Kunal, haha.. milestones to go before i sleep 🙂

    Ideasmith, thats my favourite as well. And thank you!

  20. Some body pulled the chain to stop train…some party did a chakka jam on the rail tracks, another train somewhere got derailed…and your journey is indefinitely delayed…

    isn’t that also so much like life, shit happens for reasons unknown to us, for something some one else does…you fret and frown, ask around, “what happened why is it stuck?” No body has an answer, you get off the train walk around, much like you give up in life or take a break

    Your posts invokes thoughts…very rare from Men
    Do read this if you have time..

  21. Sanjukta, true. But then do we want to let things beyond our control affect us?

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