Posted by: Sreejith | October 27, 2007


Eureka Eureka! 

Wait!! Come back… i am not running around naked like Archimedes! Its just that i’ve figured out what life is all about! And the answer to that is –

*drumroll begin* Finding answers to questions! *trumpets wimp out*

You should not be nonchalantly dismissing that finding of mine because it is actually significant. At least most of my life revolves around questions like ‘why do i always find my life in disarray?’ (if not dis-array, then maybe ‘that array’ or maybe even a multidimensional array for that matter!) or questions like ‘why can’t i manage my life better?’ or ‘were there really 24 hours today?’ or ‘Why is the daylight saving time change screwing around with my scheduler and all my meetings?!!’ 

Most of my answers, i’ve found out, can be attributed to an acute case of  – Severe Laziness Of The Hopeless kind also popularly called as SLOTH. This dreaded SLOTH has been known to pervade through people’s life and slowly but steadily diminish all sense of urgency and priority. So one fine morning when you find no ironed clothes to wear to work or when the bike runs out of petrol and leaves you stranded, you know SLOTH was at it again.

On the other hand there are the feel good questions too. Like ‘why has the weather in Bangalore been so wonderful lately?’ or a ‘why does witnessing a sunrise after probably years fill your heart with happiness?’ or ‘why do girls in flowing pleated skirts look divine?’. You don’t really want to find out the answers to these questions. You might want to find out more such questions instead!

Then there are all important questions that are way more important than life and which seemingly have no answers. Questions like ‘Why is the Tata Indicom Broadband connection down since the last 7 days?’ or ‘Why did it take Tata Indicom Broadband 30 days to fix the problem last time around?’ or ‘Is this what makes Tata Indicom Broadband India’s best broadband service?’



  1. SLOTH is so like BLISS man!
    BLISS = Blasphemous Laziness Inculcated Slowly Slowly 🙂
    (Sorry, i’m real bad at PJs but cudn’t resist this)

    n Tata Indicom, the less said the better. There’s this recent show on some channel where they highlight acute customer woes. Any guesses what provider featured in the 1st episode 😉

  2. Awkening, or shall we call it enlightment?? 😉 And I like the “nice questions” type questions better, wish there were a few more of them.. 🙂

  3. Illuminating.





    Those are words that are not to be associated with this post :D.

  4. So Shakespeare was talking about SLOTH?

  5. >:) >:)

    What should I be commenting on the above ?

    It is one of those questions which should not be looked for answers ….. although it doesn’t fill my heart with happiness either … wtf … wtf wtf .. !!

  6. Finally a post! :p

    Ok, you’ve been tagged.

  7. BSNL is the best broadband provider (is that correct usage?). Take it from me.
    And I like SLOTH!

  8. @obelix thats an IEEE response 😛

    @sreejith … girls with long pleated skirts .. ahem … btw .. didnt u knw the answer was 42? 😛

  9. Per your suggestion”You might want to find out more such questions instead!” , I found out one question “Why did you not put up a post in the past 7 days”
    And I found the answer in your post ” ur broadband connection was down !!”..:)

  10. Thats a good way to look at SLOTH…..and I am sure you’ll find more questions to drive away your SLOTH….
    Good post, good for laughs

  11. all this while i thought life is all about asking the rite questions and finding the wrong answers…

    may the force be with u..

  12. I think SLOTH is a way of living!! ;-P
    –another chronic victim

  13. Poor you!
    My friends reckons my profession might as well be that of a slumberjack!

  14. Steps to write a post:
    1) Wake up early for the meeting [hence the sunrise]
    2) Find no pressed clothes, use 5 minutes to steal your room-mates clothes.
    3) On way the petrol dries up, you huff to the nearest petrol pump. [on way see the girl in skirt]
    4) I will be at least half hour late, you think.
    5) Instead you spend half an hour waiting for the meeting to start because of the daylight saving.
    6) To kill half hour, you frame this post 🙂

    Did I miss anything? 😛

  15. lol @ kunal .. it fits in perfectly ! 😀

  16. Sangfroid, hihhi.. now that was a bad expansion 😛 Well.. i calculated the money i spent in calling customer service at Tata Indicom and it comes out to approx 300 rupees 😦

    Sam, On a normal day the good ones would outnumber the bad ones and i am grateful for that 🙂

    IV, *cursing whoever it was who taught you to use the thesaurus*

    AP, warning: pun too obscure. explanation solicited.

    SKP, bah.. go bah yourself!

    Sporadic, tag? nahiiiiin! why why why! keh do ki yeh jhoot hai :((

    S’Monkey, someone once told me it’s easier to get a Ferrari than a BSNL connection 😀

    Rama, conveniently forget the ‘P’ eh? I agree! 42 is the answer to how many times you got beaten by me in wordracer 😛

  17. A’Mariner, insightful… but its still not up. damn net is still not up!!

    Prathibha, Over time, i sure will. btw thank you for dropping by!

    Tys, not to worry.. given my mass and that Force = ‘Mass * Acceleration’, the force is strong with me 😉

    Mathew, “Sloth is a way of living”… i should print that and put it up on my wall. Its so inspiring!

    Asr, slumberjack.. LOL.. playing too much AOC? ;))

  18. Kunal, That is a post in itself! But then it was way off target 😀 Let me clarify…
    Stay up all night at work.. leave at sunrise. See the girl in skirt coming to work at sunrise(these poor call centre folks work terrible shifts). On the way from work after sunrise, run out of petrol. Cannot steal roommate’s clothes… 10 sizes smaller!

    Rama, i thought i had many readers of this blog from the UK. now i realize its just you!!

  19. what crap!! and thats not a question!!! 😛

  20. Appol chetta (no not the swear word!) .. nice post again…
    Are you okay if this one’s posted in the mirror.. ???

  21. Bonjour Laziness !
    neways SLOTH pays 🙂
    cause then things like Dead Sundays, Empty Gas and all the acronyms never would have happened … 🙂

  22. To be or not be SLOTH.

    There are times even I don’t know what I’m saying. 😀

  23. Manu, 😛 just you wait…as soon as i get back my access to net at home, i’ll reply in kind on your blog!

    Balanarayan, oh so you are mallu too! go ahead but i’ll be kind of embarrased to see this 😀

    Nippo, as they say hardwork pays tomorrow, sloth pays today 😀

    AP, and i wasted a whole 10 minutes of my life trying to figure that out! i demand my 10 minutes!!

  24. I made you use your brain. How often do you do that? I deserve a present of the future for the loss of your past.


  25. we need new post

  26. wow! you’re also doing the centre-finding routine??

    Sometimes I think my life is all about keeping it together and staying sane. Those times I wonder why even turn to spirituality… gah! I like sloth too… ok enuff bonding now…:)

    Was in b’lore over last weekend, experienced ur glorious weather n saw sepultura posters everywhere… wondered if u went to TVM as moaned..:)

  27. yesh.. am a mallu (pure breed) [:D]

  28. What is this lull in the delirium factory? I demand explanation.

  29. man , get ur lazy arse off that couch and blog…nothing new happening in ur life…was life observed so closely only for 100 days…doesnt life deserve better?…doesnt it ? doesnt it?, eh? , eh?

  30. AP, gak gak gak to you too! btw i simply love how ‘gak’ sounds 😀 gak gak gak gak.. help me someone? gak gak

    IV, thy wish is my command

    Ziah, i did see Sepultura! A few rupees were lost but then it was awesome! Bangalore weather is good na? i told you so 🙂 and i like this ‘gah’ too.. gah gah 😀 gah

    Balanarayan, ahhaa..pure breed 😛

    S’Monkey, Factory was forcibly shutdown by internet connection being down for 2 weeks. Now up and running! thanks for the concern though 🙂

    Tys, Lots to say.. but much lesser than you of course.. you are the ultimate blogging machine Tys 🙂

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