Posted by: Sreejith | October 18, 2007

Sepultura in India!

Fate is cruel. Let me elucidate…

I booked my Bangalore- Trivandrum ticket. While doing this I found out that on some days Deccan tickets were going for 9K while the Kingfisher ones were 6K. I never thought i would live to see that day.

I was searching for information on the Sampras-Federer: Clash of the Times matchup when i chanced upon this:

Sepultura in India

Yes. Seputura is playing in India and if you look closely, it says Saturday 03rd Nov, Bangalore. Now guess when i booked my Trivandrum ticket for – 02nd Nov.

Ah well, Sepultura is playing at the Palace Grounds and while you go buy the tickets online at the ticktpro site, i’ll go ratamahatta myself 😦



  1. well … ur trip home better be good 😛

  2. I know…those Deccan rates are weird.. in fact all rates are weird…

    The other day I booked tickets to Delhi only to realise much later that I was flying Jet Airways.

    Now you’d ask how could I book a flight without knowing what airline it is, well that’s a different issue, I can do a lot of weird things, but in my defense, I booked via and the rates they gave me was same as Spice Jet or other ‘No frills’ fare.. My round trip cost came to a little less than 8K. Now isn’t that strange.. I thought Jet airways one way trip cost comes around 7-8K

  3. Much to read here…would be back for more soon… 🙂

  4. I am going home tonight, and while returning I am flying Kingfisher for the simple reason it is cheaper then Deccan 😀

    Dude are you going to Malaysia to see the match? 😮

  5. You didn’t know sepultura was coming??
    More relevant- you LIKE sepultura? 🙂

  6. hitting rockbottom on luck..

  7. Lucky fella, aren’t you? We call it PCP. Papi chellunnadam pathalam.

    You can have a career in betting. If you bet on a horse, it’s sure to lose. But if you decide NOT to bet on a particular horse… You get the idea. You can make your friends rich, and then live off them.

  8. oh ouch!!! bad bad bad luck!

  9. I though sepulutura wwassupposed to be touring India right after the iron maiden show in March. Perhaps that tour didn’t happen.

  10. Rama, thats apples to oranges 😦

    Sanjukta, yeah.. the rates nowadays are really weird. And please do come by again!

    Kunal, Sampras playing Federer? i wish.. Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi 🙂

    Sporadic, being Miss Obvious are we? 😀

    Manu, metal bottom too.

    AP, ihihihi… has someone told you that you are excellent at horsing around?

    Zee, yea..i lose money if i cancel too :((

    A’Mariner, oh? ah well better later than never!

  11. tough luck…boy….!!!!

  12. go to sepultura …cancel all ur tickets ..dont sacrifice your passion for materialistic ends (wtf am i talking ?? 😛 )

  13. Bangalore-Trivandrum at 6K? You’ve got to be kidding me! You do mean two-way, right?

  14. jeez christ man…6 k for that trip! anyway, looks like the only heavy metal u can look forward to will be the one that flies in the sky….

  15. Go pick a bone with Murphy now…:) All his laws seem to be targetted at you!!:)

  16. Thats surprising, I mean Deccan tickets expensive than Kingfisher!! 🙂
    Btw, saw a bit of F1, congrats on Ferrari winning it..:D

  17. Khushboo, 😦 i was indeed wallowing in pity!

    Abbulu, i am of course going to see Sepultura! living out my metalerialistic passions 😉

    Jasmine, i am sure it was 6K for only one way. I was shocked and thats why i mentioned it here… must have seen an outlier though.

    Tys, hihi.. i cancelled the ticket and booked train tickets for another day instead! train is metal too eh 😀

    Ziah, on the contrary i’ve been rather lucky for the most part of this year! Thanks for sympathizing though.

    Sam, Woohoo!! YaY!! You watched? Maybe you were the good charm 🙂

  18. Lol… 😀 Now that sure does feels good- taking away the credit for somebody else’s hardwork by merely watching a game!! 😉

  19. Sepultura growls too much to my liking actually. But then, they are better than Lamb of God anyday.
    What about RHCP coming to Bangalore and all that?

  20. *for my liking.

    English goes for a toss when sleep fills eyes.

  21. […] Head banging is synonymous with hard rock. Rock aficionados, in spite of having a strained neck would die for this. […]

  22. Sam, game! i know this is very contentious but i would call F1 a sport 🙂

    Spunky, yea.. but then i don’t get any of the lyrics so growling or no growling is almost the same. RHCP? fervent googling resulted in dissapointment 😦

  23. Whooops..given up, sorry, a “sport” it is!! 😉

  24. Oh dying to go!!dyyyiiiinnng to go…….
    Will tell ya how it was, after u get back 😛

  25. Sam, 🙂

    Tia, haha.. I am going too!! I cancelled those tickets and booked new ones! See you there.. maybe in a mosh pit 😀

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