Restless, i prowl the corridors craving for the first spray of rain. An insomniac, a recluse in a crowd, the garb of happiness i feign. In the wave of humanity i long for a touch. Anticipating. All in vain. Withering from the insides, in melancholy i still remain.

Name’s Sreejith but i’ve also had many other names, the most enduring being Unni or Boo or Slip. I managed to scrape through a B.Tech from IIIT Hyderabad and am currently based in Bangalore. Pretty much an ordinary guy but one who aspires to live an extraordinary life.

As for blogging, i started at “A cluster of incomprehensible thoughts” on Yahoo 360 which was supposedly a more detailed account of some of my experiences/thoughts. A copy of that blog is now finally at “Concoctions” on wordpress. I also had a parallel blog (could be called a summarized version) which started off as “One for the day” before becoming “Once in a while” on blogspot and is now “Dailyrium” on wordpress.

Thanks for dropping by. Thank you visit again.

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